COVID-19/Coronavirus—Church Closure

Owing to the current virus outbreak the church is closed: all on-site activities and off-site meetings are suspended until further notice. We are trying to do what we can to continue to do the church's work through other avenues in this difficult time.

Church notices

Each week, the church notices provide information about "what's happening" in the church and beyond. If you have an item for inclusion in the notice sheet, please contact the notices secretary ( ) before 7pm each Wednesday to ensure inclusion in the next Sunday's sheet.

The most recent two notice sheets are available in Adobe portable document format (.pdf) from the links in the box above. Most computers have software installed to view such files, but the link below will allow you to download the latest version of Adobe Reader for free.

Link picture: click to get Adobe Reader

Please note that for privacy reasons telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses have been removed from the online versions of the notices. If you would like to receive the full notices each week by email, please contact the notices secretary ( ) or if you are in the area why not come along on a Sunday and pick up your own printed copy?

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2018 News

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July 2018


1 July

Ordinary 13

8 July

Ordinary 14

15 July

Ordinary 15

22 July

Ordinary 16

29 July

Ordinary 17


Wendy Gould

Revd Bill Mash Revd Teddy Siwila

Local Arrangement

Revd Teddy Siwila
6.30pm Local Arrangement Revd Teddy Siwila HC Revd Barry Welch

At Lanesfield

At Wombourne


June 2018


3 June

Ordinary 9

10 June

Ordinary 10

17 June

Ordinary 11

24 June

Ordinary 12

10.30am Revd Teddy Siwila HC

Sue Readshaw

Junior Church Phill Bridgewater
6.30pm Sister Betty Vaughan Revd Teddy Siwila HC Denis Beaumont Revd Mark Sherman

Springdale Summer Fair: Saturday 23 June 12 noon till 2pm. Come along and enjoy all the usual stalls!

May 2018


6 May

Easter 6

13 May

Easter 7

20 May


27 May

Trinity Sunday

10.30am Revd Teddy Siwila

Phill Bridgewater

Revd Teddy Siwila Revd Teddy Siwila
6.30pm Brenda Shuttleworth Revd Teddy Siwila Circuit Service at Beckminster 4pm Local Arrangement

Springdale Summer Fair: Saturday 23 June 12 noon till 2pm.

April 2018


1 April


8 April

Easter 2

15 April

Easter 3

22 April

Easter 4

29 April

Easter 5


Revd Donald Ryan

Revd Teddy Siwila Local Arrangement

Revd Teddy Siwila

Revd Ivor Sperring
6.30pm Revd Teddy Siwila Wendy Gould Revd Steve Jackson

Revd Seija Wallace

Circuit Service at Lanesfield 6pm


March 2018


4 March

Lent 3

11 March

Mothering Sunday

18 March

Passion Sunday

25 March

Palm Sunday

10.30am Revd Teddy Siwila

Margaret Gennard

Allan Christie Revd Teddy Siwila
6.30pm LA Revd Teddy Siwila Bates Revd Teddy Siwila


February 2018


4 February

Ordinary 5

11 February

Sunday before Lent

18 February

Lent 1

25 February

Lent 2

10.30am Revd Teddy Siwila

Janet Anderson

Phill Bridgewater Revd Teddy Siwila
6.30pm Sue Readshaw at Beckminster Revd Robert Readshaw Revd Seija Wallace


January 2018


7 January

Ordinary 1

14 January

Ordinary 2

21 January

Ordinary 3

28 January

Ordinary 4
10.30am Revd Teddy Siwila

Rosie Bryant

Revd Teddy Siwila Phill Bridgewater
6.30pm Allan Christie Dennis Beaumont LA Revd Teddy Siwila

Our Covenant Services will be held on 21 January in the morning and 28 January in the evening.

The winter edition of the magazine Triangle is available for download from the Resources page.

2017 News

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December 2017


3 December


10 December

Advent 2

17 December

Advent 3

24 December

Advent 4

31 December

Christmas 1


Revd Teddy Siwila

Margaret Gennard Revd Teddy Siwila


Cafe church
6.30pm at Fallings Park Revd Teddy Siwila Revd Barry Welch

Revd Teddy Siwila at 7pm

No service


Christmas Services at Springdale

Christmas Eve
Morning Worship at 10.30am
Crib Service at 3.00pm
Carols by Candlelight at 7.00pm

Christmas Day
Worship at 10.00am


November 2017


5 November

Ordinary 31

12 November

Ordinary 32

19 November

Ordinary 33

26 November

Sunday before Advent
10.30am Janet Anderson

Revd Teddy Siwila HC

Revd Rachel Parkinson Revd Ivor Sperring
6.30pm Revd Teddy Siwila (Memorial) Phill Bridgewater David Gee Revd Teddy Siwila


Penn Ecumenical Council Logo

The Churches of Penn Annual Open Meeting and AGM of the Penn Ecumenical Council was held at 12 noon on Saturday 18th November at Penn United Reformed Church. Followed by Bring & Share Lunch. The speaker was George Reiss, Wolverhampton City of Sanctuary. All welcome!


October 2017


1 October

Ordinary 26

8 October

Ordinary 27

15 October

Ordinary 28

22 October

Ordinary 29

29 October

Ordinary 30


Richard French

Mission in Britain Revd Teddy Siwila HC

Revd Joanne Cox-Darling

Sue Readshaw
6.30pm Alan Black Revd Seija Wallace Revd Teddy Siwila

Revd Teddy Siwila HC

Local Arrangement


September 2017

We welcome our new minister, the Revd Teddy Siwila, and his family to the church and wish him all the very best in his new ministry in the Wolverhampton circuit. We also bid a fond farewell to Revd Chris Collins, although Chris remains with us in the circuit taking over at Darlington Street.


3 September

Ordinary 22

10 September

Ordinary 23

17 September

Ordinary 24

24 September

Ordinary 25
10.30am Martin Rider

Revd Teddy Siwila HC

Revd Teddy Siwila Carnell
6.30pm Revd Teddy Siwila Brenda Shuttleworth Revd Steve Jackson Revd Teddy Siwila HC

The latest Triangle magazine is available from the Resources page.

August 2017


6 August

Ordinary 18

13 August

Ordinary 19

20 August

Ordinary 20

27 August

Ordinary 21
10.30am Janet Anderson

Val Campion

Revd Stuart Davis HC Revd Ivor Sperring
6.30pm Revd Robert Readshaw HC Local Arrangement Local Arrangement Revd Mark Sherman HC


July 2017


2 July

Ordinary 13

9 July

Ordinary 14

16 July

Ordinary 15

23 July

Ordinary 16

30 July

Ordinary 17


Local Arrangement

Revd Chris Collins Revd Chris Collins HC

Alan Eccles

Revd Ivor Sperring
6.30pm Phill Bridgewater Revd Chris Collins @ Darlington St

Revd David Lavender

Revd Robert Readshaw


June 2017


4 June


11 June


18 June

Ordinary 11

25 June

Ordinary 12
10.30am Sue Readshaw

Revd R Brooker MHA

Revd David Lavender Revd Chris Collins HC
6.30pm @ Beckminster 6pm ECUM @ St Michaels 3pm Revd Chris Collins Ordination Service Darlington St 4pm

Springdale Summer Fair: Saturday 17th June 12 noon till 2pm.

May 2017


7 May

Easter 4

14 May

Easter 5

21 May

Easter 6

28 May

Easter 7
10.30am Wendy Gould/Revd Ben Whitmore

Martin Rider

Own Arrangement Revd Donald Ryan HC
6.30pm Local Arrangement Revd Chris Collins HC Revd David Lavender Revd Mark Sherman


April 2017


2 April

Passion Sunday

9 April

Palm Sunday

16 April

Easter Day

23 April

Easter 2

30 April

Easter 3


Revd Chris Collins

Sue Readshaw Hannah Boulton Revd Bill Mash

Revd Chris Collins HC

6.30pm Revd Steve Jackson Wendy Gould Revd Chris Collins HC Revd Linda Bishop

Alan Christie

Easter Services at Springdale:

Good Friday:
8.00am Meditation on the Cross
8.00pm Ecumenical service at Springdale

Easter Day:
8.00am Early service of resurrection followed by breakfast
10.30am Morning Worship
6.30pm Service of confirmation and reception into Membership (including Holy Communion)

Dinner with Jesus: Maundy Thursday 13 April 2017 at 6pm at Wombourne Methodist Church. Everyone welcome, free of charge but tickets needed. Details in this poster.

March 2017


5 March

Lent 1

12 March

Lent 2

19 March

Lent 3

26 March

Mothering Sunday
10.30am Phill Bridgewater

Brenda Shuttleworth

Revd Robert Readshaw Revd Chris Collins HC
6.30pm Circuit service @ Wednesfield 6pm Revd Chris Collins HC Healing & Wholeness Revd Linda Bishop Wendy Gould


Lent Lunches:picture of soup bowl

11 March @ URC
18 March @ St Michael's
25 March @ St Bart's
1 April @ Springdale

All at 12.30pm

Share in worship, food and friendship with the churches of Penn and support The Haven and The Good Shepherd Ministry

February 2017


5 February

Ordinary 5

12 February

Ordinary 6

19 February

Ordinary 7

26 February

Ordinary 8
10.30am Revd Lawrence Wallace

Rosie Bryant

Local Arrangement Revd Chris Collins HC
6.30pm Revd David Lavender Revd Chris Collins HC Circuit Service @ Beckminster 6pm Revd Seija Wallace

January 2017


1 January

Christmas 1

8 January

Ordinary 1

15 January

Ordinary 2

22 January

Ordinary 3

29 January

Ordinary 4


11am Revd Robert and Mrs Sue Readshaw

Revd Ivor Sperring Local Arrangement Revd Chris Collins

Wendy Gould

6.30pm No service Revd Chris Collins HC Circuit Covenant Service @ Springdale Revd Steve Jackson

Revd Linda Bishop

A very Happy New Year to all!

2016 News

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December 2016


4 December

Advent 2

11 December

Advent 3

18 December

Advent 4

25 December

Christmas Day

10.30am Revd Chris Collins (Toy)

Rosie Bryant

Nativity (Own arrangement) 9.30am Revd Chris Collins
6.30pm Martin Rider Revd David Lavender  HC Phill Bridgewater No service


picture of the Christmas Eve Orchestra 2016
The Christmas Eve Orchestra practising for the Carols by Candlelight service

picture of candlesChristmas Services at Springdale:

4 December
10.30am Toy Service

18 December
10.30am Nativity

24 December
2.30pm "Sheep Trail" Crib Service (All Age)
7pm Carol Service by candlelight, with the Christmas Eve Orchestra

25 December
9.30am Family Worship for Christmas Day

image of jolly Santa ClausThe Annual Church Christmas Fair was held on 3 December with all the usual stalls including Santa's Grotto; Raffle; Bottle Tombola; £1 Stall; Stationery Stall; Books and more. We hope you all had a wonderful festive time—many thanks for supporting!


November 2016

  6 Nov Ordinary 32 13 Nov Ordinary 33 20 Nov
Sunday before Advent
27 Nov Advent
10.30am Wendy Gould Café Revd Donald Ryan Clark Revd Chris Collins HC
6.30pm Revd Seija Wallace Revd Chris Collins HC Jackson At Lanesfield

The Winter Edition of Triangle magazine is available for download from the Resources page.

October 2016


2 October Ordinary 27

9 October Ordinary 28

16 October Ordinary 29

23 October Ordinary 30

30 October
Ordinary 31

10.30am Revd Chris Collins Janet Anderson  Revd Chris Collins HC Anniv Revd Bill Mash Local Arrangement
6.30pm Revd Tony Kinch Revd Chris Collins HC Revd David Lavender  Anniv Local Arrangement Revd Chris Collins


September 2016

  7 Sept Ordinary 23 14 Sept Ordinary 24 21 Sept Ordinary 25 28 Sept Ordinary 26
10.30am Revd Chris Collins HC David Gee Brenda Shuttleworth Sue Readshaw
6.30pm Local Arrangement Wendy Gould Phil Shuttleworth Revd Chris Collins HC


August 2016

  7 August Ordinary 19 14 August Ordinary 20 21 August Ordinary 21 28 August Ordinary 22
10.30am Revd Chris Collins Sister Betty Vaughan Revd Linda Bishop Café Revd Mark Sherman
6.30pm Wendy Gould Revd Chris Collins  HC Revd Tony Kinch at Darlington Street


July 2016


3 July Ordinary 14

10 July Ordinary 15

17 July Ordinary 16

24 July Ordinary 17

31 July
Ordinary 18

10.30am Rosie Bryant Revd Chris Collins (All-age/Cradle Roll)  Local Arrangement Revd Linda Bishop HC Alan Eccles
6.30pm Local Arrangement Revd Chris Collins (4pm) Revd David Lavender   Circuit Service   at St Johns Revd Mark

Springdale Family Fun Day 10 July — a fun day, for families and friends. Games, activities, food, music and an outside service if the weather's nice. After the service we hope to have some entertainment!

June 2016


5 June Ordinary 10

12 June Ordinary 11

19 June Ordinary 12

26 June

10.30am Revd Donald Ryan Deborah Walton Home Missions Val Campion Revd Chris Collins  HC
6.30pm Local Arrangement Revd Chris Collins  HC Revd Robert Readshaw at Beckminster

Statement by Rev’d Christopher Collins following the UK’s EU Referendum 24 June 2016:

Yesterday we voted. Today we have heard the result. The United Kingdom will leave the EU and David Cameron has resigned as our Prime Minister. In these turbulent and uncertain days, now is the time, more than ever, to remember our calling to be disciples of Christ who calls us to follow his example of love: for all our neighbours alike with a love that knows none of our human-created boundaries.

John Wesley had some good advice for voters in the 1774 parliamentary elections. He said: “speak no evil of the person [you] voted against: And…take care [that your] spirits [are] not sharpened against those that voted on the other side.” Whichever way we voted, let us follow his advice because it is now more important that we seek to build relationships of love that will serve the common good. It is vitally important that we do the work now that will protect the weakest and vulnerable. It is crucial that we now walk alongside all who fear what this result means.

All of this is of the utmost importance because we follow Jesus Christ who set us the perfect example of love – a love that didn’t count the cost. He emptied himself of all but love. He loved all and calls us to love all. To be reconcilers not haters. To unite and not to divide. And above all, we must put our faith in God because “best of all, God is with us.”

So today let us pray and let us work for all that serves the common good and for the leaders of the United Kingdom, the European Union and all the nations of the world.

So today, let us pray, and pray some more and act, and act some more.


From Revd Chris Collins regarding the Orlando shootings:

The atrocities in Orlando this week, in which 50 LGBT+ sisters and brothers have died, others left scarred by the experience and families devastated, leads us to pray for their peace, consolation and protection. We will remember them and we will pray for them and with them.

Not diminishing the fact that the horrifying events have highlighted once again the issues of gun control in the United States, it it also reminds us that homophobia is not a thing of the past. Revd Chris Collins said, "Homophobia is something that our LGBT+ sisters and brothers live with on a daily basis heightening their fear to express who they have been created to be. Hate and persecution of anyone just because they are different must never be tolerated. Their pain has been compounded by the fact that much of our media has ignored the homophobic nature of the attack.

"Therefore, today, we will stand with and for our LGBT+ brothers and sisters and commit ourselves to removing the scourge of homophobia in our communities."


Springdale Summer Fair: Saturday 18th June 12 noon till 2pm. We have the following stalls confirmed : plants, books, toys, white elephant, pound stall, bottles, cakes and home-made.

May 2016


1 May

Easter 6

8 May

Easter 7

15 May


22 May


29 May

Ordinary 9

10.30am Brenda Shuttleworth  Café Revd David Lavender   Local Arrangement Sunday School Anniversary Revd Robert Readshaw  HC
6.30pm Local Arrangement at Beckminster 3pm  Ecumenical Rosie Bryant Revd Steve Singleton

Springdale Annual Church Meeting 4pm Sunday 8th May followed by afternoon tea and 6.30pm service. This is an open meeting for all, so why not come and find out what is happening at Springdale?

The Churches of Penn Covenant Renewal Celebration is here at Springdale on 15 May at 3pm. Weather permitting, it will be an open air service, in the tradition of a Methodist "camp" meeting. Robert Mountford, Ecumenical Mission Officer for Black Country Churches Engaged, is the preacher.

The Summer edition of Triangle magazine is available from the Resources page.

April 2016


3 April

Easter 2

10 April

Easter 3

17 April

Easter 4

24 April

Easter 5

10.30am Local Arrangement Richard French Revd Suzanne Newton Revd Chris Collins  HC
6.30pm Wendy Gould Revd Chris Collins  HC Revd David Lavender Circuit Service   at Springdale

The Spring edition of Triangle magazine is available from the Resources page.

March 2016


6 March

Mothering S.

13 March

Passion S.

20 March

Palm Sunday

27 March

Easter Day

8.15am       Val Campion
10.30am Martin Rider Sue Readshaw Revd Chris Collins Revd Chris Collins HC
6.30pm Revd Steve Singleton Revd Chris Collins HC Revd Linda Bishop Revd Barry Welch

Easter Services at Springdale

Good Friday:
8.00am Meditation on the Cross

Easter Day:
8.15am Easter Meditation
10.30am All-age Holy Communion
6.30pm Evening Worship


Celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight: An Evening with Sheena Biju. A unique opportunity to hear from Sheena a fair trade coffee & spice producer and manager of a coffee co-operative in Kerala, India. Beckminster Methodist Church Tuesday 8th March 2016, 7.30pm, refreshments served from 7.00pm

February 2016


7 February

Ordinary 5

14 February

Ordinary 6

21 February

Ordinary 7

28 February

Ordinary 8

10.30am Revd Chris Collins (Café)

Circuit Service at Darlington St with President of Conference

Revd Donald Ryan Revd Bill Middlemiss
6.30pm Wendy Gould Local Arrangement Revd Chris Collins HC Circuit Service at St John's


January 2016

A Happy New Year to all!

Preachers for January:


3 January

Christmas 2

10 January

Ordinary 1

17 January

Ordinary 2

24 January

Ordinary 3

31 January

Ordinary 4


Revd Chris Collins


Hannah Boulton Revd Chris Collins Richard French

Denis Beaumont

6.30pm Revd David Lavender Revd Chris Collins Allan Christie Local Arrangement

Revd Linda Bishop

The Lent edition of the Penn Churches Newsletter is now available for download. The previous edition is available from the resources page.

2015 News

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December 2015

Preachers for December:


6 December

Advent 1

13 December

Advent 3

20 December

Advent 4

27 December

Christmas 1

10.30am Revd Chris Collins HC

Revd Donald Ryan

Nativity (Own arrangement) Helen Cook
6.30pm Joint service at St Barts Revd Chris Collins HC Martin Rider No service

Christmas Services at Springdale:

picture of the Christmas Eve Orchestra 2015
The Christmas Eve Orchestra playing during the Carols by Candlelight service

picture of candlesThursday 17 December
Advent Reflection

Sunday 20 December
Junior Church Nativity

Christmas Eve
Carols by Candlelight

Christmas Day
All Age Worship


The President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference, Revd Steven Wild and Dr Jill Barber and have released a Christmas Message reminding us of the importance of "welcome" in Christmas. It can also be heard as a podcast.


Picture of Circuit Choir Flyer

On 11 December the Circuit Choir held "Carols for Christmas: An Evening of Christmas Music" at Springdale. The first half was a Christmas choral piece and the second half was a "sing-along" of modern carols from Singing the Faith which the choir sang and the congregation could join in with, interspersed with some individual pieces. It was a free concert but donations received for refreshments and the concert will be given to Street Pastors and 'Let us Play' children's group. These are the charities being sponsored by Penn Ecumenical Council this year.


The Penn Churches' Crib Festival, held in St Bartholomew's Church on the first weekend of December, was a " first " for the Churches of Penn. A group from the four Churches, inspired by the enthusiasm of Sarah Andrews from St Michael's, had worked long and hard in the planning, and members of all the churches made and loaned cribs, and helped with setting up, stewarding, refreshments and clearing up.
Local businesses and groups were invited to sponsor the displayed cribs, visitors made donations, and the total raised so far is £3,600, to be divided between the Ecumenical charities, Wolverhampton Street Pastors and Wolverhampton "Let us Play".

montage of images of the Crib Festival
Some views of the Crib Festival (Pictures courtesy of Val Rayney)

There was a great sense of sharing in an exciting part of Christmas preparation, and the festival was much appreciated by visitors.The weekend included the Crib Festival Evensong on the Sunday evening in which people from all the churches took part.

image of jolly Santa ClausThe Springdale Christmas Fayre was held on Saturday 5 December at 12 noon. All the usual stalls and games were there. The total raised has now been finalised at £2056.99. Many thanks to all those who supported the fayre, whether by attending, helping out or donating items for sale.

October 2015

We celebrated our Church Anniversary on 18 October 2015. The service was led by our minister Revd Chris Collins, and we welcomed Deacon Eunice Attwood, a tutor at Queen's Foundation in Birmingham and former Vice-President of the Methodist Conference (2010-2011), who gave the sermon on Matthew 5: 13-16.

Thumbnail picture link to safeguarding policy

Our safeguarding policy, approved by the Church Council, is an important document that reflects our determination to protect the interests of and support all who use the church, however vulnerable. It is now available to view and download by clicking on the thumbnail image to the left or from the link on the "About us" page.


Our Christmas Fayre will be held this year on 5 December at the church.

June 2015

On 28 June our Minister, Revd Christopher Collins, was ordained at Liverpool Cathedral. Heartfelt congratulations to Chris on this important occasion.

April 2015

Easter Services
at Springdale

Good Friday:
8am Good Friday reflection
12pm - 3pm Church open for prayer

Easter Sunday:
8am Celebration and Holy Communion
9am BBQ Breakfast
10.30am All-age Worship
6.30pm Reflective Holy Communion

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